Website Maintenance

Running a business often takes up all your time and you would rather be concentrating on looking after your customers than worrying if the latest security updates are installed and your website is backed-up. At WCBA we can manage your website for you and ensure that it is running smoothly, up-to-date and being the best it can be.

How we can help



Not keeping your website up-to-date gives the impression your business is dead.
Our team will help update your website which can include things like sending newsletters.



For websites loading over 10s over 50% of people will just leave the page.
Our maintenance package helps keep your site running smootly and loading quickly.



We do regular security and code checks on your site to keep you and your users safe from viruses and malicious code that can not only damage your site but your reputation.

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How much does it cost ?

We wish that one packaged fit all, but people have different requirements and needs when it comes to uptime and development.

This is why we have a basic package and several extra packages.


฿1,800 ~ $55

A package for those who want to reduce
their exposure to malicious attacks,
and have a backup, just in case.

  • Update WordPress
  • Update Plugins
  • Full Backup


We have multiple packages, from packages just giving your developer access for 5/10/20 hours,
to packages specifically meant for certain tasks on your website, such as adding SSL, CDN,
and optimising your site for speed, all which potentially will help your page rank on Google.


5 hours

THB 7,500 ~ USD 220

A cost-effective package for those who just need to fine tune their website.

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10 hours

THB 13,500 ~ USD 400

A flexible package for those who need to make periodic updates and changes.

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20 hours

THB 24,000 ~ USD 700

Our largest Maintenance and Development package for those who need update and upgrade their website.

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Update and Security Package

3 Months

THB 1,800 ~ USD 55/month

A package for those who want to reduce their exposure to malicious attacks, and have a backup, just in case.

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SSL Encryption Package

10 Templates

THB 10,000 ~ USD 300

This package makes your page SSL compatible by readying all your html, css and JavaScript, allowing you to get the SSL seal.

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CDN Professional Package

1 Time setup

THB 5,000 ~ USD 150

The CDN package helps boost your website in terms of speed everywhere in the world.

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SEO Professional Website Optimisation Package

10 Templates

THB 15,000 ~ USD 440

This is the perfect package for anyone looking to go all out on optimising your website in terms of size, and thereby speed.

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Full Technical SEO Package

10 Template

THB 24,000 ~ USD 700

This package includes all three of the optimisatin packages giving you a boost in ranking without having to do any further work.

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How do we maintain your website?

While you are taking care of your business we are taking care of your website. We constantly monitor any updates and potential issues with your site. It should be our job to report to you something has been fixed not yours to tell us something is wrong. Let’s turn things around and give you piece of mind that your site is running smoothly, here is how we do it:



What is covered in your basic Update & Security plan:

We cover all the basics, this includes a daily backup, upgrades on WordPress core updates, monthly plugin updates, checking that your site is responding to requests, and a monthly report with all that’s been done.

What if somebody manages to hack my site:

Even though we hope this never happens, we of course have a plan for this also, practically it includes, disabling your site to make sure the hackers don’t have access any more, changing your passwords, then restoring an earlier backup from before it was hacked, and then updating this with the newest security updates.

I changed some things, now my site is broken:

In this case you’d need either our Starter, Plus or Premium package as this is not covered in the Update & Security plan.

My site is critical for my business, and it’s down:

If you can’t wait in our normal development queue but need instant help, we’ve got a special package for Business Critical Care not written here, please contact us for an introduction and explanation on how this works.

I want to create a new Website:

Our Starter/Plus/Premium packages are meant for modifying existing sites, adding new features, changing existing content and such, if you want to create a new website please take a look at Website Development.

Let’s Work Together.

Here is our chance to really show what makes us different. Contact us and see how fast and accurately we reply. If you would like a quote please supply as much information as you can to help us come back with a cost and time frame efficiently.