Web Design Bangkok

When choosing a web design company you will have more than a few questions on your mind. The first question is obvious, but how much depends on the project and we will certainly cover that when you contact us for a quote.

Cost is not the most important question but quality, support and delivering on time are.




All our websites and designs go through quality assurance tests at every stage to maintain a high design standard.

Your project will also go through security and search engine optimisation tests to ensure it performs well on SEO and remains secure.


Responsive Design

We love our mobiles and I am sure you do too. That is why we specialise in responsive web design.

When your users come to your website on a mobile device we want them to have the best user experience so they turn into a paying customer.


Customer Service

We have a front-door so you can always call in, our phone is always on and your emails will be replied to quickly.

Our clients love how fast we respond and we are always happy to help, call, email or call in.

We are here for you.

On time

Meeting Deadlines

Being business owners we know how important deadlines are so that is why we always deliver on time.

Once you send us the content we can literally build your site in a matter of weeks.

Let’s get started

Question 1 of 10

Can I see your portfolio and can I speak to your previous clients?

We have built hundreds of successful websites with our agency and training center and you can see our complete portfolio here. We are very proud of our portfolio and you will clearly see we are able to expertly craft a varied type of design.

We will be happy to provide you with contact details of previous clients. After all, word of mouth is one of the best methods of choosing any company.

Question 2 of 10

Who is your team and who do I speak to with any questions or concerns?

In every project we assign a project manager who has two important skills; they listen and they always answer emails / calls. Your project manager will be there to answer any questions, give advice and help you through every stage of the project.

One important factor is that we have a front door. Our agency is located next to MRT Lumpini exit 1 and you are always welcome to come and talk face to face.

Question 3 of 10

Do you understand my requirements and how will you meet them?

Oh good question this one! We listen to your requirements from two angles. Carl listens carefully to your design and functionality requirements and the project manager from the business side.

From the design side Carl will create you a sitemap, user experience plan and some design examples if he feels fit your requirements. Your project manager will make sure that the project is focused on your business and customers.

All the information we gather is put into a comprehensive proposal explaining how we will meet each of your requirements.

Question 4 of 10

How long will the project take and tell me the cost for the various stages?

We split projects into four clear stages. With each stage we agree how long it will take, once we have your content and the cost associated. The stages are as follows:

Question 5 of 10

For each stage what is required of me and will I receive training on how to use my site?

Your project manager will give you a clear list of instructions of what content or information we will need to complete your website. We cleverly use Dropbox to mimic the structure of your website so as you pop in your content we instantly get it and can have it up quickly.

Training is where we excel. We want you to make the best out of your new website so we provide free training for your company with every project through our internationally recognized training center.

Question 6 of 10

If you fail to meet the deadlines or my requirements what compensation will I receive?

Running a business ourselves we know how important deadlines are and the implications of missing them. “Touch wood” we have not missed a deadline yet but if we do we will offer you discount on your next invoice if you have provided us with the correct content in an agreed format on time.

At the start of the project it is important you let us know of any deadlines you would like us to meet so we can factor this into our development timeline.

We know from experience working closely with our clients and communicating regularity keeps the project on time. So let’s work together and make sure your project is complete on time.

Question 7 of 10

How will you regularly communicate the projects process to me?

We have a development server we invite you to keep an eye on during the progress of your project. The last thing we want is for you to see the final outcome and not be 100% satisfied. With regular face to face meetings or Skype calls we hope you enjoy watching your project strive forward to completion.

Your project manager will always be there to answer any questions or consider new ideas during the build.

Question 8 of 10

What happens if I need to change something during either the design or development phase?

As we discussed earlier keeping in close contact with you helps us react to any changes you wish to add during design or development. With design and development you have three opportunities to make revisions. However it does not stop there as we appreciate being flexible so you can always add more changes when you need and we can cost them accordingly.

At the end of the day we aim to make you the perfect site for your business and users so let us know any changes you need to we can adapt quickly and help grow your business.

Question 9 of 10

Where will the website be hosted and who will control the domain(s)?

We recommend HostGator for hosting as their support is excellent and you will have unlimited domains, space and bandwidth all for about $8 per month. For the domain we recommend you purchase from NamesCheap.com as again their service and pricing is excellent.

You must always buy your own domain and hosting to make sure you own the website. For another company to buy on your behalf would be like giving the deeds to your land to the builder.

We will support you in purchasing the domain and hosting and through us you can receive a 20% discount.

Question 10 of 10

What are the criteria for project completion?

We agree this right at the start so we have a clear aim for the project. Some criteria include:

  • All pages are complete with information provided by you the client
  • The website is SEO optimized and submitted to the learning search engines
  • Security measures have been taken to help prevent any technical issues with your website
  • You have received 2 hours free training for you website. You may also request a user manual so your staff can manage your website effectively
  • The website works on all the current browsers and works well on current mobile devices
  • Most importantly, you are happy!

What Kind of Websites do we Build?

Our Work


Being one of the UN’s recommended consulting agencies has meant having an impressive portfolio including some of the biggest sites under the UN including ESCAP. Contact us with regards to full builds or UX design consulting.

Business Websites

We can create a perfect website for SME’s and help grow your business online. Our SEO packages also help your site rise up the ranks to bring you more customers. Starting from 45,000 baht our packages are aimed to suit your budget as your company grows.

Hotels & Resorts

Seen as one of our niche skills sets we have worked with some of the biggest hotel and resort chains in the world. From small resorts in Bali to clients like Best Western. If you’re large or small we can create an attractive, easy to manage website for your hotel or resort.


It always gives us great pleasure to see our client’s websites making money and going from a simple idea into a successful business. Using our easy to use and powerful e-commerce solutions and combined with our Social Media Packages you will sell more.

Web / UX Consulting

Our Senior Designer Carl is well known for his insightful ideas and can help take your business idea and turn it into an online success like R|O|B.

Charity and NGO’s

We not only support charities we also build them excellent websites to raise awareness and attract sponsorship and donations. Let’s work together to help your cause.

Custom Development

We have created entire recruitment websites, booking engines for zombie games and customized WordPress and Drupal themes. Send us your requirements today.

Custom Design

If you need the wow factor or a completely unique design we have an excellent UX designer and team of graphic artists to impress your clients.

Let’s Work Together.

Here is our chance to really show what makes us different. Contact us and see how fast and accurately we reply. If you would like a quote please supply as much information as you can to help us come back with a cost and time frame efficiently.