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Update and Security Package

A package for those who want to reduce their exposure to malicious attacks, and have a backup, just in case.

3 Months | THB 1,800 ~ USD 55/month

What does this package contain?

This is our smallest Update and Security Package. After you purchase the package, we will immediately start setting up a backup of your website and begin running daily backups. Once a month, we will also run a full backup each time before updating your WordPress and all your plugins.

In case of encountering any problems during the updating process, such as different plugins not working together, or incompatibilities between the plugins and a new version of WordPress or your templates, we will restore the website to the previous version and notify you of the issue.

Why would I want this?

The package gives you peace of mind. Having your website backed up on a daily basis reduces the risk of losing important information, while making sure that your website is as up to date as it can be minimises the chance of any publicly known hacks being used against your site.

What are the requirements?

We need an administrator account on your WordPress Admin system in order to set up the backup and run the updates.

What’s the price?

This package is available for a monthly subscription of 1.800 THB/month for a minimum of 3 months.

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