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Eating out is almost a routine now. And for tourists, it is a must to-do on their checklist. With bountiful restaurants populating the Bangkok streetscape, it is an inevitable strategy to secure a remarkable reputation and presence online which is where the majority of tourist traffic does their research. In this gadget-freaky age it’s found that 82% of customers, including tourists, surf the internet to find local businesses according to their choice and demands. So it’s very necessary that you have your head high enough to be tracked out of the numerous competitors around. Listed here are ten useful tips to build a good SEO content for your website and reach out to that massive consumer base around Bangkok.

1. Register your website with search engines

googleThe most preliminary step to build a successful SEO website is to submit your site to the major search engines like Google, Bing and also local search engines which are popular in Bangkok.

2. Important to implement Google Analytics and webmaster tools  in your website

analyticsThe best and easiest web analytic tool is Google analytics and it helps you to keep a check on the traffic visiting your website and how long they stay as well as other statistics that concern you. So implement Google analytics and get a constant reality check. Additionally, webmaster tools help in resolving any glitch in your website and make it easy for search engines to find you and rank you high.

3. Be consistent and frequent with updates

Maintain a certain consistency with your information and contact details every time you register your restaurant’s website with any search engine or other restaurant community based website in Bangkok. Also, be consistent and frequent with your updates on the webpage which may include articles, event updates, and anything you find relevant with your restaurant’s image and activities. Never leave the website static.

4. Make the webpage easy to browse and interactive

websiteUser satisfaction is an important factor for any visitor on your webpage. Make the layout easy to cater to consumer demands easily and allow interactions like reviews and comments to keep it alive.

5. Be a part of local Google+ groups

Being a part of local Google+ groups adds your website to local search directories. This will help your restaurant stay prominently afloat in the crowded streets of Bangkok and will appear on search results easily.

6. Be active on Social media and add social sharing buttons

facebook twitterSocial media is an influential platform and you obviously need to use it to your advantage. The more social network platforms you are active on, the easier it is to reach out to the online mass. Also it helps syncing your webpage with Google and the likes which acts as an impetus to search engine outputs as well. Social sharing buttons are convenient options to gather free positive promotion.

7. Have your business listed on local listings and directories

Be listed on as many places as feasible. But make sure these are reliable directories. Be sure to be actively involved with local review agencies and websites of Bangkok, especially the ones dedicated to restaurants and food joints. These sites have a significant impact on consumer psychology.

8. Maintain a blog and launch an online marketing campaign

blog themeIt’s always better to innovate. Keep on launching contests and other smart and impactful marketing campaigns online on your website as well as those social networks to ensure crowd popularity. Also, maintain a blog on your webpage. This gives a personal touch to your business and adds a degree of warmth in your approach.

9. Make sure to optimize Mobile SEO and its accessibility

The maximum traffic is now directed through smart phones. Update and design your mobile website and also build a SEO pattern for it. You just can’t ignore the mobile traffic. It’s proved to be a most effective means of promotion and also gives access to a reliable customer base.

10. Upload multimedia content and be a part of communities

multimediaMultimedia content is valuable to rank your site higher up in the search results. It also adds a certain liveliness to your website and perks up the look and feel. Don’t neglect those images and videos of your restaurant and other relevant events. Make sure you’re a part of the influential restaurant community online in Bangkok. They direct the decisions and trends of local people, and eventually tourists.