The tourism and hospitality industry is growing every day, and as is often said, ‘it’s the ‘survival of the fittest’. So to stay ahead in the competition, what’s better than a prominent and premier online presence, enabling you to stand out among your competitors?! Below are ten must-follow tips to help you stay at the top of search engine results.

1. Maintain the uniqueness

unique hotel

Highlight the unique selling points of your property, mentioning exquisite and compelling details which will attract prospective guests. Your content should be rich and captivating. It doesn’t matter how well you fit in the SEO criteria. If what you offer is not satisfying, people won’t return to your webpage the second time.

2. Keep updating the website with relevant events

elephant activity

Don’t leave your page stagnant. Keep uploading relevant details of upcoming events in Thailand. Posting frequent articles boosts your online visibility. Is there any seasonal attraction or any special event or scenic wonder in Thailand that visitors are eager to find out about? Make this information available on your webpage in addition to your hotel details.

3. Make it more interactive

comment card

Make your webpage more interactive with options for feedback and comments easily available to viewers. Remember general feedback of visitors matters a lot for new customers, so accept both the good and the bad humbly. Display a positive outlook. Interactive activities also help in SEO performance.

4. Usage of graphics

hotel room

Upload images and videos that exhibit the beauty of your hotel as much as possible. This is because search engines have lately started to value multimedia content and this surely helps in your visibility and ranking.

5. Never compromise the quality

The quality and originality of your articles and other text or multimedia content matter a lot towards getting your site higher on the list. Develop fresh and good content. Write your insights about Thailand and local events in well crafted articles.

6. Maintain proper keyword density

Do your keyword research. Consider what keyword searches the guests you hope to attract would use to direct them to your webpage. Also be sure to maintain the required density of those keywords throughout your web content. Google’s keyword planner may help you considerably on this.

7. Optimize your Homepage

hotel website

The homepage is a crucial part of your website. It’s the primary interface between you and prospective guests. You should optimize your homepage data with maximum relevant info like location details and the type of property and facilities on offer.

8. Reputation and Public relation

thailand travel

These are two important factors to promote your business while helping you with SEO success as well. Make as many friends as you can and create back-links to route traffic to your page from other websites, especially from related websites like Thai tourism agencies, travel booking sites, and so on.

9. Don’t fall trap to unscrupulous agencies

Google and other search engines have become very particular about fake back-links and spam links. So be very careful about whom you assign the task. Search engines penalize false back-links used to promote sites, and once detected it will result in a reverse outcome which you will totally dislike the taste of.

10. Be Socially active

social networks

Social graphs have become significant in the SEO market and your Facebook or Twitter popularity affects the traffic on your webpage. So, stay active and interactive on these social media platforms.