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Design For The Experience

When it comes to understanding what users need, there is quite simply no one-size-fits-all solution. We apply a unique approach for each project we work on.

How We Work

Our proven UX process

Step by step in collaboration with you.

Step 1: User Research

The customer may not always be right, but they know what they want. The Brainstorming is complemented by in-depth research of user feedback, surveys, references and even complaints so that we are better able to meet their expectations.

Step 2: User Flow & Story

Every great story has twists and turns, so let’s find out how your users’ story flows. First, we create typical user profiles based on the earlier research, and then we walk that user through the site. If the journey doesn’t flow to a happy ending, it’s time to re-think the plot.

Step 3: Sitemap

Vikings may be able to navigate by the stars, but both your designers and your users will need a site map. This hierarchical representation shows exactly how a user can travel through the entire system.

Step 4: List Screen & Elements

Here our team decides what is needed on each screen of your site or app. We make sure that everything on the page has a purpose and helps the users achieve their goals.

Step 5: Wireframing & Testing

This is where the ideas and concepts really take shape. By sketching out a basic visual representation of the system, its flow patterns can then be tested and refined before moving to the next level.

Step 6: Prototype, Designs and User Testing

In the final step before handing over to the designers, we add colors and images to the wireframe to create paper prototypes that can then be developed and tested on HTML pages.

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