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No matter how beautiful and fancy your website is, it means nothing if it doesn’t
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How Our SEO Can Help Your Business

Higher Rankings

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How Does It Work?

It’s very simple! Our “secret sauce” boils down to 3 most important things:
perfect onpage optimization (1), outstanding content creation (2), and targeted link building (3).

It just that, we’ve been in the business since 2009 and we know exactly how to perfectly execute and synchronize all these 3 components.

As a result your website starts to rank higher in Google for your keywords. Therefore more organic visitors (coming from the search engines) are landing on your webpage. These are real potential customers, as they are actively searching for services / products like yours.


The SEO campaign consists of 5 stages.

Next StepWeb Courses Agency SEO Brief


we want to know all
the details about your
business: target
customers, services,
what your advantages
are, etc

Next StepWeb Courses Agency SEO Evoluation


based on the
information provided
we assess your
website’s current

Next StepWeb Courses Agency SEO Strategy


we decide on the best
SEO components for
your specific needs

Next StepWeb Courses Agency SEO Execution


the campaign starts

Web Courses Agency SEO Reporting


Detailed monthly
reports with the SEO
key metrics

How much does it cost ?

There are too many factors that affects the SEO outcome, which makes it
difficult to put an universal price.

That’s way we have a basic package and add ons

Basic Package

฿18,000 ~ $525

It’s our universal package which consists
of the basic SEO elements. It’s a good
start that will prepare your business for
any further more serious SEO strategy.

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • OnPage optimization
  • Linkbuilding
  • Content Marketing


This is where the magic happens. The add ons aims to supercharge the basic package and deliver really
fast and effective SEO results. No matter how strong you competition is, a good combination of the add
ons, will help you outrank your rivals and send you to the top of Google.

E-commerce tracking setup

This feature sets up and integrates full e-commerce tracking with Google Analytics. This is very useful, especially for websites selling various products/services.

One Time

฿6,500 ~ $190

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Consultation

This property provides a granular analysis of the website as well as suggestions on how to get more users to convert. This also inlcudes heat maps and detailed event tracking.

One Time

฿14,800 ~ $430

Detailed Keyword Research and Long-Tail Keyword Suggestions

This setup combines data gathered from 5 different tools. This will give not only the keywords the website is already ranking for but also several suggestions for new and relevant keywords promising high potential.

One Time

฿4,600 ~ $135

Competitors Research

This feature offers insights on your top 5 main competitors. Said insights include the following relevant data from competitors: where they advertise, what the keywords they are ranking for are, how much online traffic they have, etc.

One Time

฿4,600 ~ $135

In depth article

This offer supplies one extra article to the monthly content creation. The more articles the website has, the faster Google indexes it. Eventually, the website begins to rank for more keywords.


฿2,800 ~ $85

Guest post (min. 30 DA)

This add-on creates an extra guest post on a relevant website. Guest posts are one of the best ways to get high-quality and relevant links.


฿5,100 ~ $150

Guest post ultra premium

With this premium offer comes the opportunity to produce guest posts on some of the world’s leading websites, like Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, Mashable.com, etc.


฿60,100 ~ $1,750

Page Text extension (up to 800 words more)

This extension furnishes unique SEO-optimised descriptions for website services or pages.

One Time

฿3,200 ~ $95

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