UI Design, UX Design

Designing a corporate mini site for a UK FinTech startup

Here’s what we did to help this web design project grow:

The previous design, drafted by Live LQID’s internal team, did not have a good flow or the level of design the managers wanted. We used UX research, UX content writing, UI for mobile and desktop, WordPress design and speed optimization to bring this Fin Tech website to life. 

Carl was able to work with the branding team to re-imagine and simplify the marketing site to be more in tune with the business needs. This is why we added the people section to help bring more new employees to the LQID team. 

We also added the branding “blobs” as animated objects to bring the playful feel the brand embodied to the users.

How we used UX and UI design to build a website that works

First, we looked at the content provided by the brand team and adapted it for the web. We then mapped their content to a simple UX wireframe and user flow. Once we had an idea of the flow and layout we were able to pinpoint where we would need some extra content. 

For this project, the client preferred to use Adobe XD. It was a pleasure to build this website in this powerful program. We then moved the design into Divi with WordPress which was again a pleasure to work with.

The site launched and has been well received by both teams and potential clients.

Our approach

Main phases from user research right through to putting the site live.

User Research

Client brief

Designing an effective user interface system begins for us with understanding the user.

Wireframing & Testing


This is where the ideas and concepts really take shape. By sketching out a basic visual representation of the system, its flow patterns can then be tested and refined before moving to the next level.

UI Design


In the final step before handing over to the designers, we add colors and images to the wireframe to create paper prototypes that can then be developed and tested on HTML pages.

UI Design

Once a concept is approved for further development, we begin to design the interface so that we can begin to see what the user will see. To enhance this step, we employ our Pixel Perfect concept.

UI Validation


Before the project is ready to be launched, the design must be thoroughly tested from the user’s perspective.

Put Site Live


We put website live and keep a track if everything displays and works perfectly.