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Exciting fresh look at an Influencer landing page design

UX Design

The UX design for this website was based on the tried and tested landing page design story. Our UX team broke the page up into a number of key parts: 

  1. Opening – based on the benefits and clear communication of what the client offers
  2. Features + benefits – details and examples of a clear set of influencer services offered. 
  3. We also included social proof to increase conversion rates, as we wanted to attract both influencers as well as companies looking to hire them.

We live by the three W’s : Who you are, what you do and what do next.
The design for this page includes a lot of clear call to actions to move users through the buyer journey. All features come with benefits and the social proof is a way of enticing the more socially aware clients.

Having no brand to work from meant we had to not only do the brand credentials, naming, colours and typography but the UX/UI and build. Luckily we worked with a great client who loved the ideas we came up with and the process ran smoothly.

Our senior designer had a close relationship with the client and, by jumping on a lot of calls, we were able to course-correct and get to the stunning design that we have today. Really a co-operative process.

This was the first B2B design created

UI Design

There were two very distinct stages to this landing page project in regards to the UI design.

First, we went for a B2B look, based on the requirements set by the client.

Once we had completed the first design we were able to see that a more feminine approach would be best.

The design needed to appeal to young, trendy influencers here, in Thailand. It was through this target group we would entice businesses to contact our client for KOL services.

Changing the design direction completely was difficult. However, we were able to do this pivot thanks to the client being onboard and ready to help with feedback right away.

The challenge was to design a site for young Thai KOL’s that did not look too “girly” and still gave a professional feel.

Choosing the right images, having a more sophisticated typography set and using a colour scheme that was not too bright.

Web Development

We used Elementor Pro page builder to create all pages and components of the Influencers Thailand web design.

As Elementor is intuitive and easy to use, we chose it so the client would be able to edit any part of the website quickly, without waiting for calendar availability from our web designer or web developer. We don’t agree with holding clients hostage, so we wanted to offer a solution for our client to access “quick fixes”, without having any previous web design or web development experience.

While setting up the pages and posts in a simple way for the client to edit and create new pages/posts easily was a challenge, we put our heads together to come up with a user-friendly solution.

We saved all sections of the website as Templates so that the client can reuse them in other pages and post quickly, without having to recreate it.
This means our client will be able to maintain branding continuity and high functionality, even when adding new content themselves.

Our approach

Main phases from user research right through to putting the site live.

User Research

Client brief

Designing an effective user interface system begins for us with understanding the user.

Wireframing & Testing


This is where the ideas and concepts really take shape. By sketching out a basic visual representation of the system, its flow patterns can then be tested and refined before moving to the next level.

UI Design


In the final step before handing over to the designers, we add colors and images to the wireframe to create paper prototypes that can then be developed and tested on HTML pages.

UI Design

Once a concept is approved for further development, we begin to design the interface so that we can begin to see what the user will see. To enhance this step, we employ our Pixel Perfect concept.

UI Validation


Before the project is ready to be launched, the design must be thoroughly tested from the user’s perspective.

Put Site Live


We put website live and keep a track if everything displays and works perfectly.