UI Design, UX Design

Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa is an upcoming Beach Resort in the Maldives.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of laying out a product’s usability and design flow in order to provide the desired experience to a user. An essential element of this is determining how users form experiences with the product. In the case of this project, we laid out an initial wireframe of the website so that we could better understand how the website would flow and to see correlations between each section. Here are some of the wireframes that we built:

Carpe Diem UX1
Carpe Diem UX2

Styles & Elements

In the initial stages, our design team worked closely with Carpe Diem to choose a complementary colour palette and type stack to best represent the resort’s brand identity. We then tailored various elements in the design such as the Call-To-Actions (buttons) to reflect this identity. One of the ways that we maintain the style aesthetic throughout the design is by subtly incorporating textures into various elements to match with the overarching theme.

Carpe Diem Styles

UI Design

User Interface (UI) Design is the process of taking preliminary UX Design and applying a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to it. In layman terms it means taking a wireframe and adding content to it in order to see what the final product will look like. Here are some of the final designs:

On-Scroll Animation

For this project, we wanted to give Carpe Diem a dynamic feel that kept users engaged as they scroll through the website. So we decided to add custom on-scroll animations that would make the next section of the page appear as you scroll to them.


During the Development process, we build the website from scratch using WordPress as the base Content Management System (CMS). We do this by creating custom page templates and outputting information via Advanced Custom Fields. This also allows the client to make alterations to the information at any point, thus making it easier for them to manage their websites after the project is complete.

Carpe Diem perfect simplicity