Web Courses Bangkok.

  • Type:Education Website
  • Original Brief:Being a web design school Web Courses Bangkok (WCB) needed to keep up with the changing trends.  Their course pages needed to be improved to make both design and updating easier. It needed to be easy to manage for the entire team, both web staff and office staff. The blog was looking outdated and needed a facelift. They needed a more ‘obvious’ user experience. Old site was still ok (The WCB website has been featured in 3 books, 5 magazines, won 2 awards for design and has been featured in countless blogs) but aging and “was really on it’s last legs…hanging together with string and tape”.
  • Skills:Custom Theme Development, WordPress Development and User Testing
  • Special Functionality:Automated Marketing (when customer makes an inquiry their email is automatcally entered into our database). Has a live chat feature, online enquiry forms and an Events Calendar. Also advanced custom fields and customised architecture for our courses.
  • Challenges:Well, the chosen theme was a big challenge. Xtheme had great reviews so WCB went with it. But… the coding and naming was awkward and difficult to find, it was a bit of maze navigating through it as it was not like other themes WCB had worked with. Curating and auditing all the content was a big job. Keeping the google ranking high was a challenge because of the way the URL structure was changed. To help with this the 301 redirector plugin was used (which paired up old URL’s with the new URL’s) to maintain the ranking of WCB’s pages.  All these challenges were overcome and WCB are very proud of their new site.
  • Screenshots:Courtesy of Placeit