UN Social Development Division.

  • Type: UX Consulting and Drupal Site Build
  • Original Brief: The SDD hired our UX designer Carl to help them organise a huge amount of content while making it easy for both the users and the team to navigate the content. A main section of the SDD is accessibility so the site needed to be highly accessible. The site also needed to be able to handle a huge amount of content and be based on the Drupal content managemenet system, which was recently chosen by the UN as their CMS.
  • Skills: Information Architecture, UX Design, PSD to HTML, Drupal Development, Accessibility Compliance
  • Google Ranking: Page rank 7!
  • Special Functionality: Drupal CMS, Acessibility Compliance AA, Voting System
  • Challenges: Where to start! The project was extreamly exciting from a UX point of view. The current site was almost impossible to manage and they had a huge amount of content that needed sorting. Initially Carl conducted a full content audit and then worked closely with each of the eight departments to find out the core value to their content along with how it needed to be represented. Once the content audit was completed Carl used a series of card sorting exercises to create a hiearchy and relationship matrix for all the content. Luckily a pattern emerged so he was able to create a system where the team could add relevant documents, events and information as attachments to the three key types of content.
    The design was one of the biggest challenges as the accessibliity requirements ment a lot of the bells and whistles could not be used. Once the intial PSD design work was signed off we began building and found some excellent modules for accesisibility that we could build into the system.
    User testing the site was one thing our UX designer will never forget. One of the members of SDD is 100% blind and seeing him work through the site with ease was one of the most rewarding things he had ever experience in his web design career.
    The project was such a success WCB Bangkok Design Agency became the goto agency for UN projects in Bangkok.

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