• Type:UX Design, Web Design, Web Development
  • Original Brief:The client came with a newly built website they were not happy with as they wanted the website to be a better and clearer representation of their business and services. The client wanted a more professional look and feel and a site that was easier to navigate. One of the main requirements was multiple contact forms and call to actions to push users to them forms.
  • To achieve this the WCB team had UX workshop meeting (in-person) with the client and as a result a bespoke user experience for the site was developed. Based on that our designer created a modern-looking and clear visual image of the website. Each stage of design was carefully discussed with the client to make sure the pages were an embodiment of client’s ideas.
  • When the UX and design were approved it was passed to the development team. The build needed a few interactive features that made the user experience smoother and more fun – large video sections, nice animations and customs contact forms. Integration with social media made the site easy to share and promote the services in social media.
  • As a result of this extensive work with the client WCB was able to produce a lightweight, speed optimised, modern and professional looking website that perfectly delivers the clients ideas to their potential users – we did not just build a website, we put the client’s business on the web!
  • Skills:UX Design, UI Design, Responsive Layout, Web Development
  • Special Functionality:Video background banners on all pages, Custom scroll animations, Mailchimp integrations, Social share integration, Speed optimizing.
  • Challenges:The main challenge was creating an efficient UX structure to give client’s business a clearer and more professional look and boost the interaction with users. The project details were changed a few times during the process as client was in the process of developing his business, to match the new structure the team had to be very flexible to reflect these changes on the fly. As the project is a media heavy build the speed optimisation was one of the priorities of the site, of which that requirement was met in full. All in all, the effort of every member of the team allowed us to make it a light and fast modern looking website.
  • Screenshots:Courtesy of Placeit