The Hammer Swing.

  • Type: Landing Page Design
  • Original Brief: The client has a sales page, which he wants to turn into a one-page website that has a high conversion rate. It must contain a function that allows site visitors to easily purchase the videos available on the website.
  • Skills: WordPress, Javascript, Landing Page Design
  • Special Functionality: An online video purchase system, which automatically sends the video link to the purchaser right after their payment.
  • Challenges: The content comes from a big sales page with overloading amount of information, so it needs to be simplified and edited down to fit into the website. We also spent a lot of time finding and testing out the right system for the online video purchase function.
  • By using story telling and implementing lots of CRAP into the design we managed to pull of a highly converting page.
    What is CRAP? Well we used highly Contrasting buttons to attract users to click. Then our use of clear Repetition made it easy for the user to scan down the page. Alignment gave the page the quality feel and lastly Proximity help give meaning to each of the parts of the story. CRAP is sometimes good.