Thailand’s Best.

  • Type: Web Design
  • Original Brief: Thailand Tatler wanted a website where users can review particular restaurants, bars and hotels. The site also needed to promote their new card called “Thailand’s Best Card”. The key aspect was that the site needed to be complete within three weeks!
  • Skills: Responsive WordPress Design, Photo editing, Theme Customisation
  • Special Functionality: Portfolio listing customisation and rating system
  • Challenges: “As the client needed the site to be 100% ready in three weeks we put all our heads together to get the project complete a week in advance to allow us time for testing and their team to promote the new site. A big technical challenge was using a combination of a Jquery plugins called “”mixitup”” and WordPress. We fully customised the listing features and the mixitup system really impressed the client. The main challenge was getting all the content in time. Luckily we did so a week in advance!