Holiday Inn Pattaya.

  • Type: Hotel site, Web Graphic & UX Design
  • Original Brief: Holiday Inn is one of the world’s most recognised hotel brands. They hired our agency to build a new website to showcase their new hotel in Pattaya. They wanted a site focused on marketing their new Executive Tower building and increasing website bookings. The site needed to be fully responsive and use the Holiday Inn custom fonts and branding.
  • Skills: Responsive WordPress Design, Theme Customisation, CMS, Booking system.
  • Special Functionality: Booking system, English and Thai user interface.
  • Challenges: The main challenge we encountered during this project was the integration with the booking system and the need to fully comply with the hotel branding guidelines. As with any big brand there are certain design styles that they need to have. This did limit us but it also focused our design team on getting the experience right first and following the guidelines later. The UX design process of this project took the longest as we wanted to make sure the flow of the site was smooth and pointed out all the relevant points to the user. We had a great win with the room types as we made it much simplier for new guests to understand and the booking system integration was very smooth. One of the big challenges was the mobile site which we eventually got so smooth you can book within a few clicks from your mobile.

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