Glasford International.

  • Type: Web Design, UX design, UI Design
  • Original Brief: The client had an existing website that called for a major update. The goal was to design a new website that has a fresh new look while using all the content from the existing website due to time restrictions.
  • Skills: UX Design, UI design, Web Design, WordPress, Javascript, Responsive Design
  • Special Functionality: 1) A template for individual offices, which can be easily edited/duplicate by the client.
    2) Contact form with extended function that allows user to send enquiry to a particular office in different countries.
    3) Implementation of a custom mapping system with cool design look and feel. Something a little special
  • Challenges: It was quite a challenge to come up with the right design that can contained all the information from the old website and presenting it with a fresh new look.
    This is where our UX designer worked a little bit of magic by spacing out the content, adding it a more story telling order and trying to bring life to what was always there.