Executive Search.

  • Type:Web Design and Web Development
  • Original Brief:The team from Executive wanted a new design that was not only easy to use but worked well on low bandwidth. Often their clients are in Yangon which is famous for it’s bad internet connection. After seeing a previous design of ours the team flew over to Bangkok to meet with our team and we were very happy to create this new site for their business.
  • Skills:Content design, UX Design, UI Design, Responsive Design
  • Special Functionality:Job listing system developed from scratch which allows for multiple categories of job. Users are able to apply for jobs directly on the site. There is also mail chimp integration and social share integration – which enables customers to share job posts.
  • Challenges:The challenge was to develop an easy to use job listing system which could be operated by any staff not just highly IT skilled employees. We achieved our goal of making a user friendly site.
  • Screenshots:Courtesy of Placeit