Cut & Paste.

  • Type: UX Design, Web Design, E-commerce
  • Original Brief: The client wants to have an e-commerce website to support a men’s clothing brand. The website must reflects the brand’s identity, which was inspired by the beauty and characteristic of Tibetan arts and crafts – humble, simple, yet sophisticated.
  • Skills: Web Design, Web Development, ECommerce, Merchant Gateway
  • Special Functionality: The website has a product filtering system, which allows the product to be viewed by category. Additionally, the website also contains a currency converter that allows client to convert their native currency to Thai baht.
  • Challenges: One of the biggest challenges was to set up the woocommerce functionality to fit the client requirements. We use custom field to add in a “size guide” button on individual product page and implement a swatch button for product size selector. These features help to improve the overall UX of the website.