Above Eleven.

  • Type:UX/UI Design, Web Development.
  • Original Brief: Build a website that showcases the restaurant’s atmosphere, menu and location. Users must also be able to make a reservation via the website.
  • Skills:UX Design, UI Design, Responsive Layout, Web-Development.
  • Special Functionality:Two Identical One-page layout designs and a landing page
    Background video
    Textured backgrounds & objects
    Fast load time
    Minified JS and CSS files
    Optimized Images
    Page caching
  • Load Time2.2 Seconds
  • Challenges:Above Eleven consists of 3 pages: a landing page, a Bangkok page and a Bali page. The two main pages are of the same one-page design layout similar to the Cantina website, we built the site using our new production method. The new method allowed us to build the site much more efficiently and quickly and the final product was much lighter, faster and more optimised. It was also our first time setting up a page cache. During the development process, we had to customise the slider to meet the criterion of the design. We also built a custom instagram feed specifically for this website.
  • Screenshots:Courtesy of Placeit
A screenshot of the website on Mobile
A screenshot of the website on Laptop

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