• Type: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography
  • Original Brief: The client wanted a fresh design for their company. The 3 M’s had to feature prominantly on the site as their detailed processes is the main unique selling point for 3MB and what they are well known for. They 3MB team also had very dated photography and wanted to really show off their portfolio with some new corporate photography.
  • Skills: Responsive WordPress Design, Corporate Photography, Graphic Design
  • Special Functionality: Customised responsive WordPress theme.
  • Challenges: The challenge for this project was fighting with the theme to customize it. Some wordpress themes are easy to work with and some are not. Unfortuneately this theme started life misaligned but it was as close to the clients request as we could find. We spent a considerable amount of time re-aligning everything before putting on our design. Our design team finally managed to marry up the studnning photoraphy we took and their brand to create a fresh and unique design that the client was really pleased with.