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Plus Package

A flexible package for those who need to make periodic updates and upgrades to their website.

10 hours | THB 13,500 ~ USD 400

What does this package contain?

This flexible package gives you the time you need to work on specific areas of your website, how you want and when you want. You are free to mix and match the 10 hours to be used however you need them – on UI, UX, HTML/CSS or WordPress implementation, modification and administration. You can also use your hours whenever you please as long as all 10 hours are scheduled within 1 year of buying the package. As soon as you request our support, we will schedule one of our developers to work on the task at the first opportunity.

Why would I want this?

As we require payment up front for any development work, the Maintenance and Development Plus Package allows you to cut out unnecessary waiting time between requesting our support and the tasks being scheduled. By purchasing this package, you are automatically registered in our system with 10 hours of credit. When you need our assistance, simply let us know, and we’ll schedule the work at the first available opportunity.

What are the requirements?

The requirements depends on what you need to have done.

For UX/UI, we will need a brief of the work to be completed and the ability to communicate with you during the development process.

For WordPress Administrative work, such as text and image changes, or installing new plugins, we will need access to your WordPress Administration site. We will also need to know what content you wish to change or add before actually starting the implementation.

For new developments, making new templates, or changing existing templates, we will need access to the source files of your website, through either FTP, SFTP or SSH.

For any other kind of work, let us know what work you need to have done and we will notify you of any requirements needed for us to start the task.

What’s the price?

The price for our 10-hour maintenance and development package is 13,500 THB, which is 1,350 THB/hour, equivalent to a 9% discount compared to the 5-hour maintenance and development package.

Let’s Work Together.

Here is our chance to really show what makes us different. Contact us and see how fast and accurately we reply. If you would like a quote please supply as much information as you can to help us come back with a cost and time frame efficiently.