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Full Technical SEO Package

Our Full Technical SEO Package is for the website owner who is serious about optimising their website to get the best possible search engine ranking.

10 Templates | THB 24,000 ~ USD 700

What does this package contain?

This package contains all three technical SEO packages rolled into one. This not only gives you all of the benefits of the three packages but saves you money as well.

  • With the SSL Encryption Package, we encrypt your website to ensure that Google gives you the SSL bonus on your Google Rankings.
  • With the CDN Professional Package, we cache your website and deliver it from multiple locations around the world, making it quickly accessible from anywhere across the globe and ensuring that Google will give you a ranking bonus from all locations due to the fast response times.
  • With the SEO Professional Website Optimisation Package, we utilise all the important tricks in the book to speed up your website even further, merging small images into one, minimising design files and script files, and ensuring that your sitemap is optimised based on your important content. Just as with the CDN, this will bring your website up in speed and potentially lead to even better rankings in Google.

Why would I want this?

As opposed to the SEO you do using Google AdWords or by increasing the links to your site, all three of these packages have the ability to give you a boost in ranking without having to do any further work. This is not to say that you don’t need to carry on doing normal AdWords campaigns and other SEO work. For the best SEO, combine our Full SEO Technical Package with all other SEO techniques that you choose to implement. If it’s long term organic traffic that you want, this is a must have package.

What are the requirements?

The requirements are the same as for the 3 packages combined. For all 3 of these packages, we will need access to your WordPress Administrative site and the source code for the website through either FTP, SFTP or SSH.

For the SSL Encryption Package, if you want more than the minimal SSL certificate, which is enough to get the Google ranking bonus, you will need to buy an SSL certificate from a provider.

For the CDN Professional Package, we will need access to your Domain Name management system; otherwise you’ll need to change your DNS settings yourself to the addresses that we provide.

What’s the price?

The price for this package is 24,000 THB, which gives you a saving compared to buying the three packages separately.

As in the case of the individual SEO Professional Package and SSL Encryption Package, if the site contains more than 10 used template pages in the WordPress theme, there is an extra charge of 2,000 THB for each additional template page, which equates to a saving of 20% on the combined price for all of the work on each extra page if paid for in separate packages.

For the CDN, the cost is still $20 USD/month, billed directly to you by our chosen CDN provider.

For the SSL, there are free options as well as more advanced choices available at varying prices. These paid options also have several requirements, which we can help you understand if you’re interested. However, these are more expensive to purchase as they require buying an Extended Validation Certificate which proves that your company is validated by the SSL Provider.

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