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CDN Professional Package

The CDN package helps boost your website in terms of speed everywhere in the world.

1 Time setup | THB 5,000 ~ USD 150

What does this package contain?

With this package, we set up, configure and help you to use one of the world’s premier CDNs to boost the speed of your website.

Why would I want this?

Using a CDN will give your users a better experience by making your website being faster wherever they are in the world. A CDN can also increase your ranking in Google because of the lower latency between Google and your website, as well as a lower TTFB due to the CDNs caching.

What are the requirements?

To implement this package, we need access to your DNS, domain name, configuration, and access to your WordPress Administration to make sure that you don’t have any plugins that will create conflicts with the CDN provider.

What’s the price?

This package has a one-time setup fee of 5,000 THB. Later modifications and changes to the CDN configuration can be made through one of our 5, 10, or 20-hour Maintenance and Development Packages.

Let’s Work Together.

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