Dish Go

A food exploration App

Project Brief

Dish Go is an application where people can sign up and peruse through images of dishes from restaurants in Myanmar. People can then like, share and comment on the dishes. If they want to find out more, they can also go to the restaurant’s personal page and contact the restaurant directly for delivery. The application would consist of three main sections, Dishes, Restaurants and Deals.

This project comprised of an initial Graphic Design in the form of a Logo Design, followed by User Experience (UX) Design, creating a colour palette and type stack and the final User Interface (UI) Design. The final product is a fully realised mobile application with animations to represent the intended transitions between elements that Dish Go can take to a developer to build.


Dish Go


Graphic Design, UX Design, UI Design




Graphic Design

In the preliminary stages, Dish Go wanted a logo that was fun, happy, cool, sophisticated, addictive and hungry. They also expressed that they would like their logo to shine and that it should not be purple, pink or yellow. We took these concepts and came up with some initial sketches. From the chosen sketches, we further refined the ideas into fully realised designs.

Preliminary Design

Here is a look at the final design that was chosen. We made two variations of the design (light and dark) to be used for specific templates. We also designed icons to complement the logo.

Logo Evolution

The next step is to refine the design and explore broader variations. Here are the final versions of Dish Go Logo Design and Icons.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of laying out a product’s usability and design flow in order to provide the desired experience to a user. An essential element of this is determining how users form experiences with the product. In the case of this project, we laid out an initial wireframe of the mobile application so that we could better understand how the app would flow and to see correlations between each section. Here are some of the wireframes that we built:

Styles & Elements

In the initial stages, our design team worked closely with Dish Go to choose a complementary colour palette and type stack to best represent the company’s brand identity. We then tailored various elements in the design such as the Call-To-Actions (buttons) and menu bar to reflect this identity.




UI Design

User Interface (UI) Design is the process of taking preliminary UX Design and applying a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to it. In layman terms it means taking a wireframe and adding content to it in order to see what the final product will look like. Here are some of the final designs:

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