Your business in Bangkok needs SEO, or search engine optimization. That is a fact. But before I tell you why, let me ask you two simple questions: first, how many times have you searched for information on local business in Bangkok on Google or Bing or other search engines? And second, how many times have you visited the second or third page of the thousands of search results that Google produces?



business in Bangkok needs SEO


Yes, correct. That’s how it is with everyone. Now you have the answer to any lingering doubts you may have about the importance of SEO for your business in Bangkok. This process does exactly what’s required for you to get noticed in the online chaos.

Now here are 10 reasons why your business in Bangkok needs SEO in order for it to flourish:


1. To create your mark online

The online market is the new place to be. It’s not wise to ignore this market at all. Majority of the consumer population in Bangkok now shop and surf exclusively online.

Hence, having an SEO-based website isn’t just an option but a mandatory business requirement. “If you aren’t online, you don’t exist” is the new market mantra. Think of the large market you’ll be missing if you don’t engage in SEO services.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


Take restaurants, for example. Look at the image above; check out the crowd. Being in a hugely competitive section, restaurants need to engage in every possible method to stand out from the crowd. Most companies turn to social media to promote their wares and services. In the same manner, so can your enterprise benefit from SEO services.


2. To gather prospective customers

Now that you’ve made your presence known on the Internet through your website, you now need to reach prospective clients and customers before anyone else in Bangkok does.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


SEO helps you attain exactly that by assuring higher online visibility. People are more likely to click on the links found in the first-page results of search engines. That’s where you want your business to be.


3. To establish your brand

It’s important to remember that everybody starts small. You just don’t get a big, ready-made brand overnight.

However, you need to act like one right from the start. Optimizing your website for search engines is one such essential step toward gradual success. It’s popularity that separates just an average label from a brand.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


To establish this recognition in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, you need to up your web page a notch with SEO.


4. To convert visitors to customers

After you’ve shown yourself high on the list of local businesses in Bangkok, you now need to convert the traffic visiting your website to confirmed customers. That being said, your business in Bangkok needs SEO to achieve this exact objective.

An SEO-designed webpage has the right approach to achieve this goal. The site is to the point, is accurate, and provides the customer with what he/she wants to see much more easily and systematically than a web page without SEO.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


For example, look at hotels and their booking systems. It is not enough to have a customer visit their site; they need the customer to actually check into their hotel and make use of their services. Otherwise, especially if the goal is to increase sales, nothing comes out of it.

The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely that customers will avail of your services. Your business in Bangkok needs SEO to help improve its user-friendliness.


5. To provide a user-friendly interface to clients

A rule of thumb for online business is good content. If a visitor on your webpage doesn’t like the content you’ve displayed, he/she is likely to never return to your site. This means missing out on 1 potential customer. In business, 1 is too many.



Your business in Bangkok needs SEO because it makes the browsing experience much more user friendly. This translates to the customer getting maximum information by putting in minimum effort.

Remember, a well-designed website isn’t enough. Fast loading, quality content, and a user-friendly navigation are vital factors too. SEO covers all these and more, precisely why your business in Bangkok needs SEO.


6. To keep abreast with search-engine updates

All the major search engines make a few changes in their search-function algorithm in due intervals.

To keep up to date with these changes, you need an updated SEO-based web page. This ensures you’re way ahead of your competitors in the local business market in Bangkok.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


First doesn’t always guarantee instant customer conversion. What it does guarantee, however, is exposure, which is always good for your business. Another solid reason why your business in Bangkok needs SEO.


7. To get into the e-commerce sector

The e-commerce business model has seen a huge rise in recent times. A properly designed SEO website allows you to enter this sector of business. Thus, not only will you have a strong online presence but also you can also incorporate business transactions, making it even more convenient for customers.

What’s more, the e-commerce sector covers not only websites but also social media sites as well, such as Google+. SEO services cover this online aspect so you won’t have to.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


Ultimately, e-commerce will gain popularity among the local consumer base in Bangkok. You’d want your business to be right in front when this happens, and this is why your business in Bangkok needs SEO.


8. To save on overhead costs

Shifting your promotional activities from print and other media to online will not only allow you to tap into a bigger customer reserve, but also save a huge margin of expenses that otherwise would have gone to these middlemen.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


By eliminating these extra costs, you get a higher return on investment when you create a proper SEO web page for your local business in Bangkok.


9. To build a solid community presence

Building an SEO-based website makes you a part of the fresh online business community and allows you to share traffic with them. This mutual benefit will help you increase visitors and customers and, in addition, your revenue.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


In addition, the local exposure will do loads to your business. Google is a well-known supporter of local enterprises. With SEO in the scenario, your business will likely appear on local-based online searches. This is a solid reason why your business in Bangkok needs SEO.

Also, it helps increase your exposure, especially if the individual looking up your service online is in town for a short time only, perhaps on a visit. An optimized website is easier to find and use; therefore, it’s easier to convert a visitor into a customer.


10. To cater to the tourist community

Bangkok is a favorite tourist hub, no doubt about that. It’s well-known a considerable percentage of business in this city is due to tourists.

Tourists these days book, research, and trust everything that’s reviewed well online. Thus, there is no better option than SEO for you to tap into this humongous segment of potential consumers.


business in Bangkok needs SEO


Your business in Bangkok needs SEO to ensure online visibility, a better user experience, and improved ranking. These results take a while to reveal themselves, but they’re worth the wait. Stability and longevity are your friends in the online business realm. If you want these for your business, it’s best to make use of SEO services.