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WCB Agency builds businesses by building brilliant websites.

What started as a Web Design school grew into an award winning design agency. We build great websites sure but it is how we help grow your business that makes us special.


Our devoted certified experts perform for our clients!

We gathered the most talented and brave professionals who have no
fear in visual design and marketing sphere!



UX/CX Strategist and Co-founder

With 20+ years experience in the design industry Carl brings a wealth of CX/ UX knowledge to projects & teams. Carl has worked with companies including Adobe, Thomas Reuters, Facebook & the United Nations. Carl’s passion for design thinking at the core has lead him & his teams to create many successful products & services.



Co-founder and accounts director

Taya co-founded Web Courses Bangkok with Carl. While you may not see much of her, she is the one who makes sure everything is running in the background. She takes care of our Web Courses team so that our Web Courses team can take care of you!




Whenever you receive details from accounts, Nat is the friendly face on the other end. She makes sure that all of our clients are updated with invoices, tax regulations and receipts for your own accounts and bookkeeping requirements.

How can we help?

6 key ways we can help your business grow:

Accelerate your business!



Your brand is more than just a pretty logo. It's how you communicate with your target audience and the messaging behind everything you do. We help build brands using a "Strategy first" approach.

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UX Design

Drawing on more than 40 years of combined experience, we combine flexible research tools with interactive development techniques and hands-on testing.

UI Design

Take advantage of our decades of combined experience. We design a User Interface system that is based on the specific preferences and behaviours of your users.

Web Development

Think of your website like an employee. You want it to look nice, speak well of your brand and work perfectly right? We can build a website for you that achieves all your goals.

Website Maintenance

We take care of your website so you don’t have to worry about it. We will make sure it’s up, safe and helping your business to grow.


WCB Agency provides professional SEO-copywriting services for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to generate leads and close sales.


What People Say

Our clients agree we realize any idea despite how fantastic it might seem.

Koen van Dieren
Carl is an experienced UX designer. He designs websites that enhance user experience and optimize the UX flow from entry to conversion, ultimately leading to high performing websites. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking to take their online business to the next level.
Koen van Dieren
Luke Salway - Coachology
I've had the pleasure to work with Carl a few times over the years, and in my experience, he is the best when it comes to UX & CX design. He was able to demystify all the jargon, so I could get clear on what we needed to do, to provide a great experience for our clients. Highly recommended !!
Luke Salway - Coachology
Carl is an excellent trainer, mentor and consultant. He will guide you on developing the finest UX and CX experiences - just perfectly suited to meet your organisation's needs as well as keeping if focused on your 'people' Thanks Carl!
Kate Jackson
bob gallangher
Carl has deep experience in the realm of UX. His guidance is sure to help businesses in any sector identify opportunities to improve their customer experience.
Bob Gallagher
Ian Korman
I have know Carl since 2010. He runs a great and growing entrepreneurial business in Thailand that I highly recommend to any potential customers. He is not only a great person to do business with but a positive contributor to the local community as well.
Ian Korman
linda Belonje
Carl has successfully trained several of our team in designing and improving our website, looking at how the customer uses the site and moves through the pages.
Linda Belonje